Do You Want to Be an Artist or Do You Prefer Creating Art?

Do You Want to Be an Artist or Do You Prefer Creating Art?

Creating art is not the same as being an artist. Learn more about the differences


Being an artist and creating art are two very different things. If this confuses you, it is natural. In this short article, we will explore the difference.

What does it mean to be an artist?

Many people dream of being an artist. They envy great movie directors, actors and innovators. They think that these people enjoy life more, have more freedom, more interesting friends and a much more satisfying life. And they are correct. Creating art indeed brings a lot of joy to life. But it is not creating art that brings inner peace and joy, it is inner peace and joy that makes creating art possible.

This is what most people miss. They see investing a lot of effort in becoming a good artist as a way to provoke these inner states and the possibility to have a great life. It makes sense to think like that becomes most of society works like that. Everything most people do is transactional in nature, even things such as friendship and romance.

And even most working and recognized artists function like that. If you listen to their interviews, you will discover that they enjoy the results but rarely the process of creating. They see it as a necessary evil in order to get what they want. They do not wake up every day beaming with joy at the prospect of writing their book. They only enjoy the satisfaction of having written one after it is done and published. Is this really the life people aspire to have?

Looking at a spreadsheet or a blank page every day is the same exact sort of hell if your inner world is not full of joy. The difference is that other people will respect you more if you stare at the blank page. But internally, you feel like you should not really be an artist. This is where the Imposter syndrome comes from. You know that internally, there is nothing really worth writing about, but you push yourself anyway in an effort for it to change.

In essence, your creation cannot be pure if you want something from the world. Even if what you lack has nothing to do with art. If you feel alone, unloved, lacking money or anything else, your creation will be a subconscious way to get these things from the world. Then creating art is just another effort you make to get something in return. Like being to others in order to feel appreciated or going to work every day in order to get a paycheck.

What does it mean to create art?

Creating art is a completely different process. It comes from an internal overload of energy and positive feelings, peace, joy and ideas. It does not require mental strain in the way most people imagine. It is like children drawing, dancing or singing. They just do it naturally, not because anything or anybody else in the world is encouraging them to do it.

Creating art cannot be mentally and emotionally transactional. You can be paid to create something, but your mind must be free from inner transactions. This is why pure creation is so rare. It is not much because learning to paint or write is so difficult but because developing the right inner world is the most difficult thing to develop in the world. As long as there is conscious or subconscious inner lack, it is not possible to create freely. We can strive progressively towards it, but it takes years to develop the inner balance and peace to have the necessary foundations for it.

Only through a burning dedication to inner peace can people achieve the necessary inner and outer foundations to create what they truly want.


By now, the differences should be quite obvious to you. Our minds want to confuse the two together to make creating art reassuring and to derive positive feelings and an identity from it. However, if art is done in this confusion, then it is never really pure and satisfying. Then it comes from a place of inner conflict and lack and not from inner peace and joy.

This is why the process of creation whether as an artist, engineer, cook or in any other field is so difficult and paradoxical. The freer it is from wanting to get something in exchange, the higher the chance to have the world reward it. But creating can never be used to strengthen and reassure our position in the world. Every time we create, we need to be willing to put everything we have achieved on the line. Otherwise, with time our creations lose their life and energy.