Why Corporations Cannot Make Creative Products

Why Corporations Cannot Make Creative Products

Understand why corporations are failing at reliably making creative products and why they are perfect as they are

The History of Corporations Through the Lens of Creativity

Understanding how the world of business works is really simple if you look at it the right way. Every company that you know of was founded by somebody creative, independent and willing to risk everything to create a product or service they wanted to see exist in the world. It does not matter whether it is physical products, digital products, a restaurant or anything else. There are also plenty of companies created to make money or because the founder wanted to be a founder but these companies do not last.

The confusing part is that we call the CEO of a company that is two years old the same name as we call the CEO of a company that is 20 years old. But at their core, they are very different people. And the same goes for any other job title. Internally, people who choose to work in startups, young companies and risky endeavors have a very specific inner wiring that is different from the wiring of people looking for stability and stablished structures.

Once a young company becomes successful, it can grow. Whether it is sold, goes public or just grows with more people, the intent of people joining and also investors changes. Now, the company has something established and something to lose. People are not joining to risk everything but to gain a monthly reliable salary in an established company to feed their family or build a career. This is why as soon as people who want to be established and work for an established company comes, a clock starts ticking and the company starts to die. It may take 200 years for the clock to stop and for the company to officially die, but the clock started ticking long ago.

At this point, companies stop being on the offensive and start to be on the defensive. They stop being about creation and start being about exploitation. Creativity is no longer the ultimate value but is being replaced by compliance and conformity. It is not about taking real risks anymore but taking risks to preserve what has already been achieved and continue to grow in the same direction. At this point, companies start to copy either what they have done in the past or what is currently successful for their competitors.

Like Attracts Like

A successful creative company has plenty of money and privileges to distribute to its employees. The problem is that a corporation does not. The more a company transition towards conformity and the more it loses the ability to create an environment that not only creative people but also compliant and conforming employees want. The further along that path a corporation is and the more dysfunctional it becomes. Managers are not leaders anymore but have to act as slave masters distributing shrinking benefits in order to keep workers on the edge of leaving and extract the maximum energy from them. For these corporations and their employees, the products and services the company sell are a necessary evil that is required to extract enough resources from the world to continue playing the political and exploitation game.

And this is where another interesting aspect appears. People working in these corporations know exactly what is going on. This is why a new very important effort is necessary. Both internally and externally, political commissars and propaganda are required to enforce the narrative. If you want to know what a company is not, look at their mission statement and social media posts. Working for these corporations will be the exact opposite of what they advertise. The less creative a videogame studio is, the more creativity they will advertise. The more political and cutthroat a company is, the more they will emphasize inclusivity and social responsibility. And the same goes with innovation and technology.

The more healthy and independent somebody is, the less likely they will be working for a large corporation. Corporations are toxic for people and always destroy the life of people working for them in the long run. When people start they career, they don't know anything most of the time. But as soon as people start working for a corporation, they have to make a choice, whether they want to live a healthy life or not. Do they want to be surrounded by creation or do they want to be surrounded by exploitation.

The Deepest Truth

To survive and thrive, large corporations need creativity and healthy people just as much as startups, especially in today's world. It is not that young companies thrive on creation and large corporations do not. It is just that one kind can attract health and the other one cannot due to the make up of people working for them.

Everything I just said may make you think that young healthy companies are good and old corporations are bad. But this is not at all the case. This understanding of the world, despite being shared by many very smart and influential people is limited.

The truth is that the world of business is a living organism. Healthy and independent people (both as employees and customers) manifest healthy companies to work for and patronize. And conforming and unsafe people manifest exploitative companies for themselves to be exploited by. It is obvious why healthy people manifest healthy companies. However, exploitative corporations may need some explaining. Unhealthy people manifest and tolerate exploitation because they get things in exchange they crave. Corporations reassure them and give them a prison that tolerates them. There is sadly a large part of the population that is not ready for freedom and independence. If corporations did not exist, healthy companies would not tolerate them as either employees or even as customers. They could not survive and the world would be much more cruel than it is today.

If you are unhealthy, healthy people will not tolerate you around them. And being healthy is extremely difficult and takes a courage that many people do not feel capable of yet. This is why fighting corporations or encouraging people to be more creative or happy is pointless. It is a change that can only happen once people have exhausted their inner demons. Corporations do not need to be more healthy or more creative. They are perfect just as they are.