About Us

About Us

What is Dragonbane Creation ?


Dragonbane Creation is a place to explore how to create imaginary worlds. And through this work, to discover more about the process of creation in general and how it can be applied in every aspect of reality.

The development of the platform does not follow a set roadmap and does not have profitability as a short- or medium-term goal. The platform will combine a creative collaboration between man and machine in order to support creators in building engaging worlds for videogames, books, movies or any other medium of expression.

Dragonbane Creation does not intend to follow nor revolutionize the field of worldbuilding. Some terms or concepts may be foreign to creators familiar with the field of worldbuilding.


Dragonbane Creation is built to be a scalable modern multi-purpose platform to support the creation of the world of Dragonbane and providing the tools to present and create new imaginary worlds. The platform is built from scratch in a modular fashion to experiment and add and remove components as needed.

It is also well optimized for search-engine optimization in order to maximize the reach and understanding of what the platform can provide to other creators. Tools and random generators are provided for other creator free of charge and are built as modules to be combined into more advanced tools.

Artificial intelligence is the goal of the tools provided. This does not mean machine learning, but intelligent modules combined together in order to provide more advanced functionalities.


The process of the development of the platform is one of play and exploration. There are no set deadlines nor clear objectives except to develop the most interesting and authentic platform to suit the creation of imaginary worlds.