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Questions & Answers

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How can I create an account on Dragonbane Creation?

You cannot yet create an account on Dragonbane Creation. There is no timeline for when it will be possible.

Is it possible to advertise our products on the platform?

It is not possible nor will it be possible in the future as the platform will never contain advertisement.

Technical Requirements

Which requirements does my mobile phone, computer or tablet needs to be able to use the website?

You need at least 4GB of RAM to be able to comfortably use the website. Some tools may require more than 4GB to be used comfortably.

Can I access the platform using Tor?

For security reasons, accessing the platform through the Tor network is blocked.

Which browser do I need to access Dragonbane Creation?

The website is optimized to be run on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. It requires Javascript and cookies.

Worldbuilding Tools & Random Generators

Do you require attribution or a license to use the content generated on the platform?

You fully own the content generated on the platform. We do not require any attribution whether the use is commercial or personal.