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Dragonbane Creation

One year and a week ago, I decided to start Dragonbane Creation. Since then, I had to learn a lot about Full Stack development and how to choose the best infrastructure. I also spent a lot of time thinking and researching about worldbuilding. I also timidly started to work on the world of Dragonbane but most of the work was done on the website, copyright, setting up the company and so on. The selection of the right architecture also took a lot of time and effort. So now the site resembles more or less an excellent empty shell. All the backend is there and everything is scalable and well-organized but there is not much to show yet.


One of the thing I was asking myself during the year was about selecting the best solution to document the development of the platform and the world of Dragonbane. I experimented a bit with Instagram and Twitter and I will probably keep doing some things on Instagram but this section will be like a virtual notebook to keep track of progress and more importantly open questions. There are plenty of things I am thinking about with regard to worldbuilding and the best ways to tackle 101 different problems. This notebook will probably also be interesting for other people who may want to create their own worlds, create a worldbuilding website or anything else. We will see how it goes and evolves. This part is basically the blog part of the website but I prefer to consider it as a notebook. It is more elegant and gives a better idea about what it may look like to artists and writers.

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