Platform & Dragonbane Worldbuilding Update

Platform Update

Performances and the size of pictures and the code loaded on every page has been improved. I also added code-splitting and I don't think it will be possible to go much faster on the client-side. If I still want to make it faster, the probable only place to do that is to improve the server and probably not trivial to do. Also did some major rework on the backend and improved the elegance of the code.

Most of the infrastructure of the platform is now established and can support any use case I can think of. It is modular and scalable. New tools, concepts and languages can easily be added without any rework of the architecture and many functionalities can be either implemented server- or client-side.

Concept of the World

The first step to start to flesh out the world of Dragonbane was to define the main concepts and ideas that will drive all elements, from stories to environments. As a starting point, I separated things into style, themes and emotions. I will keep these concepts in mind as I create the elements and will update them as I go along. This is probably a concept that can be useful for worldbuilding beginners. But I really need to flesh out what it means and explore it to avoid going in the wrong direction.

This means I will also wait before starting to produce tutorials or any other learning material to explain this concept and how to use these three aspects to create interesting worlds.

Magic System

My current direction for the magic system is to have two of them. One soft and one hard. The soft one would be much more rare and an evolution on the hard one. Some people would first learn one polarity of the hard magic system which would teach them to influence the world, fight, heal and so on and then very rarely some of them, once they mastered it completely would evolve to the soft one. One interesting aspect of the soft aspect is that people who would have evolved to this stage would be much more powerful than people wielding the hard magic system but would not care anymore about influencing the world or helping people in the sense that people understand it. Some of them would live as recluse or focusing on Nature or living for art and beauty.

I also want the hard magic system to be very well defined and equivalent to technology in terms of influence over the world. This is to allow everybody, magic-wielding people or not to fight together and have them exist together. For instance, a magic-wielding character will be able to fight a spaceship or somebody firing a gun. This opens up the possibility to have extremely interesting collaborations between magicians and other warriors, engineers, medics and others. And magic being at the exact same level as technology in terms of power.

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