The Ultimate List of Experiences

You can use these experiences to create your world

Being Infused with Great Responsibility

Being trusted with great responsibility in order to achieve an important task due to previous important achievements. Not having a safety net but knowing we are capable of assuming this high level of responsibilities and succeed.

Preparing for War

Getting ready for a war. Having a feeling of anticipation and excitement and the knowing that we are ready to fight. Seeing massive amounts of troops getting ready. Trusting each other and our technology. Feeling a sense of eagerness for the adventures to come during this war.

Being on a Long Road Trips

Being on the road for days on end. Exploring nature. Feeling the freedom and timelessness of the trip. Feeling at peace and in the flow of travelling.

Visiting Large Modern Cities

Feeling the buzz of modern life around. Having a feeling that anything can happen. Being overwhelemed with the scale of the buildings around and a sense of the adventures happening there. Exploring the different streets, shops and restaurants. Finding unexpected and captivating venues.

Being Part of a Strong Military Organization

Feeling the strength of the organization we are part of. Witnessing its technological advancement and strong soldiers. Having a feeling of eagerness and dangerosity.

Being Disappointed in the World

Losing hope and accepting despair. Having a feeling of despair and disappointment at the beauty of what was lost. Feeling mature about overcoming the loss and moving forward despite the sadness and rage.

Technological Progress

Being in awe of the technological progress achieved. Getting inspired by the new possibilities that this advancement brings but at the same time being conscious and afraid of its misuse and potential hidden dangers.

Seeking Revenge

Seeking revenge for what was done to us. Feeling vilified in our rage and using that rage to fuel our fight. Overcoming obstacles and defeating opponents in order to get justice.

Being Part of a Group of Powerful People

Feeling the prestige and power coming from being part of a group of powerful and connected people. Knowing that decisions taken by us are definitive and that we are the ultimate authority. That nobody above has their say in discussions. Feeling the peace and calm of powerful people who are confident of their power.

Discovering we have a Destiny

Discovering that our life did not happen by chance but that we have a special purpose to be here. Feeling called to do something specific and having special skills or character traits to support us. Finding out that what we thought were negative or confusing things in ourselves were actually blessings supporting our destiny.

Being Rescued from Harm

Being rescued from harm by friendly military forces. Feeling the great feeling of peace and solace of knowing that we will be safe. Having gratitude for the people who put their life at risk to save ours.

Doing the Wrong Thing for the Right Reasons

Taking the difficult decision of doing something morally questionnable in order to reach what we think is a positive outcome such as helping other people.

Having Complete Freedom

Feeling total freedom day after day. Having no ties and no responsibilities. Having the feeling that any adventure is possible and that the future is uncertain.

Being Betrayed by Somebody We Trust

Having our World blown to pieces when we are betrayed by somebody we trust. It makes us question everything we believed in. Suddenly, we have to shft our entire perspective and cope with the pain and disbelief about what happened.

Discovering How Powerful We Truly Are

Suddenly discovering how powerful we are. Having this internal feeling of sudden strength and competency. Feeling empowered and a deep feeling of calm washing over us.

Using Firearms

Feeling the power of the shot in our body. Being focused on the act of shooting and the responsibility and skill required to use firearms.

Being promoted to the Leadership of a Group

Feeling the responsibility and fear of having to lead a group. Discovering the burden of leadership and what is involved in leading people. Feeling the newfound isolation and need for emotional stability and competency required.

Having the Respect of the Group We Lead

Feeling the trust and respect of our team. Knowing that people do not doubt us but follow our lead and respect our decisions.

Feeling like a Fraud

Feeling like we are pretending something we are not. Usually stemming from low self-esteem. Doing something so much out of our comfort zone that we feel like it is ridiculous and we should not do it.

Fighting to Keep the Peace

Fighting to keep the peace. Having the feeling that our fight for keeping the peace is just and necessary.

Facing a Surprise Attack

Being suddenly attacked and having to fend for ourselves without preparation. Feeling the adrenaline rush and the excitement and fear of sudden combat. Having to make quick decision in order to deal with attackers who are prepared.

Having an Intuition about Something

Having the sudden inner knowing about some particular facts or event in the past, present or future. Getting this knowledge seemingly from nowhere and having the certainty it is correct.

Feeling like an Outcast

Feeling that there is something in us that is different from everybody else. Something that makes us different that we and others can intuitively sense but that nobody can put the finger on exactly what it is. Always being slightly off-beat and having different reactions than everybody else. Having different ideas and perspectives about everything.

Being Rejected

Being rejected by a group of people for either real or subjective reasons. Feeling left out in the cold. Feeling isolated from the group we would like or should belong to. Potentially having our self-esteem diminished because of the rejection.

Being Innovative and Creative

Coming up with unique technologies or solutions to problems. Feeling this deep creativity and focus inside of ourselves. Having creative ideas and working on making them real. Feeling a deep sense of satisfaction for making progress and making something new available to others.

Having Peace in Death after Sacrifice

Feeling a deep sense of fulfillment in dying after sacrificing ourselves for a rightful cause. Feeling that our life has been given meaning by our sacrifice.

Having Victory

Feeling hope, calm and satifaction after a difficult victory. Feeling hopeful about the future. Finally having peace after much violence and pain. Thking about rebuilding and creating for the future. Putting war and conflict behind us.

Giving Hope to Somebody Hurt and Alone

By our actions giving hope to somebody who needed it. Changing their perspective and giving them what they needed.

Losing Everything

Feeling like we lost everything. Feeling like a survivor who has now the freedom of following a new path. Not feeling like we are bound to anything or anybody anymore and starting anew.

Disobeying Orders for the Right Reasons

Disobeying orders that are perceived as not smart or unfair. Taking matters into our own hands at the risk of severe consequences because we are convinced we are doing the right thing.