Synthetic Data Generation Resources

The Best Synthetic Data Generators


Synthetic data is extremely important whether you are developing a new product, a new world or to test your applications. In this list, you will find websites, companies and open source libraries.

Free Data Generation Websites

These websites allow you to directly generate synthetic data inside the browser.



JSON Schema Faker

Mock Turtle

Open Source Libraries

Exhaustive list of the best libraries in Javascript and Python to produce synthetic data. These libraries can be integrated into your pipeline to produce fake data.

JSON Schema Faker (Javascript)

Fony (Javascript)

Casual (Javascript)

Mock (Javascript)

Fake Data Generator (Javascript)

Mocker (Javascript)

Mockaroo Node (Javascript)

FakerJS (Javascript)

Faker (Python)

Trumania (Python)

Mimesis (Python)

Radar (Python)

Fake2db (Python)


Companies that provide solutions and libraries to produce synthetic data. Most of the use cases revolve about producing test data or ensuring that GDPR and other data privacy laws are respected.

Mostly AI

Gen Rocket

Exact Data