Recommended Resources

Resources we recommend to create your worlds


Some resources you can use to build your world

Build the language of your people with Lexicity

Youtube Channels

Channels to help you create more interesting worlds

Learn about all kinds of different topics in history in a fun way
Learn about spaceships, how to make them interesting, the mistakes to avoid and refresh your knowledge on all major IPs


Here are some great products to sharpen your skills

Foundation Patreon
Learn how to design the most creative concept art from the best artists of vehicles, environments and charaters

Alternative Worldbuilding Platforms

If you prefer to use a different platform than Dragonbane Creation, we encourage you to try these solutions

World Anvil
World Anvil is an excellent platform to build your world
Legend Keeper
New world building application
Scrivener is more targeted towards general writing but may also be of interest to you
World Scribe
World building application on Android

None of these recommendations is sponsored